Tuesday , 26 October 2021
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Bitcoin rally this year is the start of going mainstream, not a bubble, says investor Bill Miller

Kevin Stankiewicz @KEVIN_STANK Longtime value investor Bill Miller told CNBC on Tuesday he believes bitcoin is firmly entering into the mainstream, contending the cryptocurrency’s rally in recent months is significantly different from its 2017 ascension and subsequent plunge. In an interview on “The Exchange,” the founder and chief investment officer of Miller Value Partners said he believes bitcoin still has room to run to the upside. The world’s ...

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Lebron and Liverpool made waves in the media for different reason, Blatantly! Liverpool was bad in momentarily betraying the fans. Lebron was on point as usual with his one word (ACCOUNTABILITY) Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James offered a simple one-word response upon hearing that former police officer #DerekChauvin had been found guilty on all counts in the death of George Floyd. #SIP ...

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Attempted to use a taser!? Is this lady Crazy, or we are presumed to be fools too as we are presumed to be the minority?  Lies are so easily conjure up when black people lose their lives. in this case where 20 year old black motorist Daunte Wright was killed by a 26 years veteran white (Racist) female police officer. ...

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